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Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference

Security in the Digital Age

January 29 - Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 


About the Event


A digital nation is rooted in being "digital by design, digital by default", utilizing digital technologies to create people-centric services. The three core pillars of a digital nation encompass the realms of digital society, digital economy, and digital government. Achieving this vision requires establishing a clear direction, promoting effective leadership, emphasizing operational efficiencies, implementing supportive policies and regulations, fostering digital capabilities through innovation, modernizing infrastructure, and reinforcing integration through the application of standards and architecture in the ecosystem.

Key Focus Areas will Include:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cybersecurity and Zero Trust
  • EA for Sustainability
  • The Digital Enterprise

The Open Group Riyadh Conference will delve into these topics, underscoring the importance of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in streamlining business processes, enhancing decision-making, and optimizing resources. It will also highlight the role of EA in achieving sustainability through resilient architectures with long-term environmental benefits, positively impacting society. Additionally, the conference will explore the innovative concept of Zero Trust Architecture in industry, ensuring continuous verification and authentication to minimize unauthorized access and enhance overall cybersecurity resilience in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Registration and Attendance:

  • The morning general sessions of The Open Group Riyadh Conference will be live-streamed and will form Day 1 of The Open Group January Virtual Event.
  • All registered attendees for Day 2 or Day 3 of the January virtual event, and all registered attendees of The Open Group Riyadh Conference, will receive the live-stream YouTube link for the live Monday morning sessions, closer to the event date.
  • Further information about The Open Group January Virtual Event can be found by clicking on the link below.


  • The full day of The Open Group Riyadh conference, including all of the live morning and afternoon sessions, will only be available to registered attendees who will be at the event in-person at the Vitorri Palace Hotel in Riyadh on January 29th.
  • Registration for this event and its face-to-face sessions is by invitation only from The Open Group or Nozom Consulting.
  • If you have recieved an invitation and plan to attend the event in-person, you will have recieved a pass-code in your e-mail which you should use when registering in the drop-down box that appears when selecting the "Day Pass (invitaton only)" category.
  • If you do wish to attend the event in-person in Riyadh, and have not received an invitation e-mail, then please contact The Open Group events team and we shall assist you with attending the event.



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