GHG Emissions Data Standards Development Workshop

November 9 - Chicago, IL, USA 

Pre-Workshop Preparation

All participants will be provided with a copy of our recently published white paper to familiarize you with the forum and our standards deliverables.


Post-Workshop Follow-Ups

The OFP Forum expects to release the data model snapshot (draft standard) document, as well as reference APIs and other open-source components. These will be provided to workshop participants in early January, and we encourage your continued exploration of the data model. We will also conduct a web meeting to provide a more extensive walk-through of the data model at that time.

At the workshop, we will provide use case worksheets, and we ask participants to complete these for any high priority use cases and provide them to the forum for feedback to incorporate any requirements for your company, in your industry.


We encourage your continued exploration of the data model and look forward to your feedback.



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