GHG Emissions Data Standards Development Workshop

November 9 - Chicago, IL, USA 

While there are numerous existing tools and standards for greenhouse gas emissions accounting and reporting, lack of a common data format hinders transferability among value chain participants.

Join our *exclusive* day-long workshop to expand the Open Footprint™ Forum (OFP) reach across industries and develop emissions accounting data standards for seamless reporting across the value chain.


Considering the forthcoming regulations in Europe and the US that mandate scope 3 emissions reporting, managing GHG emissions data has become a significant challenge for all large companies. We are holding a workshop on November 9th in Chicago, IL, USA. 


We’d like to be sure to include the relevant sustainability and IT staff from the leading companies in the greater Midwest in the workshop. These workshops are by invitation only, as we want to validate fitness for purpose of the OFP data model for use by large companies in diverse industries, in your specific use cases. We believe that attendees will receive a lot of value from participating alongside sustainability and IT leaders from other area companies and interacting with the experts from our Open Footprint Forum from member companies including Microsoft, Amazon, PWC, KPMG, EY, Capgemini, Intertek, Thoughtworks, Ventum, and other leaders in this space.


We are pleased to be conducting this workshop alongside our partners at Thoughtworks (sponsors and hosts of the Chicago event and members of the Open Footprint) and Greenleaf Advisors. 


These exclusive workshops are designed to meticulously validate the fitness for purpose of the OFP data model for large companies across diverse industries and their specific use cases. By participating in this workshop, attendees will:


Learn about a standards effort that can positively impact your organization’s sustainability and emissions data management and reporting program

Influence the direction and future work of the OFP forum, so that standards and outputs are aligned to your scope
1 / 2 / 3 emissions use cases

Connect with peers about the challenges they are facing, and the approaches they are taking toward emissions data management

Understand the evolving regulatory environment in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, which is driving interest and activity in emissions data capture and reporting

Learn about various use cases being supported by the OFP data model and standards

The Open Footprint™ Forum (OFP) is a collaborative effort that aims to address the practical challenges faced by companies in measuring, managing, and reporting their GHG emissions. The OFP Forum brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including industry leaders, policymakers, NGOs, and technology providers, to develop innovative solutions, establish best practices, and create a unified approach to GHG emissions reporting. The work of the OFP supports leading GHG accounting standards and software applications by providing a universal data standard that may be broadly adopted to facilitate data transferability and integrity.

The standards work of the OFP sits alongside of and is complementary to standards and frameworks from WBCSD (PACT framework), GHG Protocol, ISSB, GRI, PCAF, and others, and we are in fact working with most of these organizations to ensure alignment.

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