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April 26-28, 2021

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Re-orienting an enterprise to have a digital business model, or creating a new digital enterprise from scratch, requires a breadth of guidance including strategy, business models, operational guidance for both business and technical operations, and topics like compliance and security. The cross-industry development of Open Digital Standards seeks to provide such guidance.

This development and implementation of Digital Standards is often only as good as the professionals who direct and control the digital transformation efforts within a business. The Open Group Open Professions Program seeks to provide globally recognized credentials ensuring that the best candidates can be found by a business to fill the challenging roles in the move to digital. An experienced-based certification program that provides a formal and recognized career progression for the individual professional, enhancing their value to the business.


  Day 1 (Mon) - Details the role of the Open Professions Program within the context of Digital-First   

  Day 2 (Tue) - TOGAF® User Group will focus on some of our key Open Digital Standards and the digital and agile evolution of those standards  

  Day 3 (Wed) - Digital Professionals Day will focus on some of the key transformation issues required for Digital-First




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The Open Digital Standards event is free access to all registered attendees. For registration please use the links below to the Webex registration site for the event. Please note that each day of the event has a separate registration link, so please ensure that you register separately for all of the event sessions that you wish to attend. Following registration you will be sent by e-mail the Webex links for all of the sessions for which you registered attendance.

Registration Links by session:

Monday April 26 – Session 1: (Open Digital Standards & The Open Professions Program 7:30 - 10:40 a.m. PDT)


Tuesday April 27 – Session 2: (TOGAF® User Group 7:30 - 10:30 a.m. PDT)


Wednesday April 28 – Session 3: (Digital Professionals Day 8:30 a.m - 12:15 p.m. PDT)


Please ensure that you use the correct login link for the Session that you wish to attend.

As an attendee, you will be able to view and hear all the sessions, though your audio and video functionality will not be active, but questions can be input through a Q&A channel, and there is also a chat channel to talk to other attendees. Sessions will also be recorded for access following the event. You will receive information on how to access the speaker slide-sets and Webex recordings following the event.

Our intention is to adhere to the timing of the event agenda (posted in Pacific Daylight Time), so you will be able to pick and choose sessions during the event and join at the appropriate times.

The Open Group Professional Certification Program provides a career framework with certification already used and recognized by world leading organizations. 


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